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How to Avoid Unnecessary Maintenance: Tips From Melbourne's Top Auto Parts Store October 27, 2016

Melbourne, Campbell
How to Avoid Unnecessary Maintenance: Tips From Melbourne's Top Auto Parts Store, Melbourne, Kentucky

It’s a beautiful thing when all the components of an automobile are working in perfect harmony—but small malfunctions with car parts can quickly throw that system out of balance. Thankfully, there are several elements of your car that, when examined regularly, can help avoid such issues. Fortunately, residents of the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area can rest easy knowing that if a car part does need replacing, the top local auto parts storeReitman Auto Parts & Sales Inc., has them covered.

Long before you need the assistance of experts, monitoring your automobile and staying aware of its condition can help keep it running smoothly. According to this respected auto parts store, below are four car parts worth keeping on your regular maintenance radar:

  • Air Filter: A dirty air filter can negatively impact your car’s fuel consumption, leading to pricier trips and less-efficient travel.
  • auto parts storeTire Tread: Serious signs of wear and tear—such as odd bulges or overly smooth surfaces—can contribute to dangerous situations, especially on slippery roads.
  • Brakes: Any grinding that occurs when your car slows is extremely harmful to your vehicle and can lead to expensive repairs. A brake pad should be at least one-quarter inch thick.
  • Lights: When driving, you can’t always tell when a headlight or taillight bulb has burned out. Be sure to check every light before getting in the driver’s seat daily.

By checking all of these car parts on a regular basis, you can help avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic. However, even with a watchful eye, your car will inevitably need replacement parts now and then. For the die-hard DIY car junkies of the Greater Cincinnati area, the crew at Reitman Auto Parts & Sales Inc. are ready to help. For any questions regarding used and discount auto parts, used engines, used tires, and more, call this local auto parts store at (859) 635-2127, or visit the website today.

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