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Dental Care Specialists Explain How Gluten Affects Your Oral Health April 21, 2017

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Dental Care Specialists Explain How Gluten Affects Your Oral Health, Honolulu, Hawaii

Pursuing a gluten free diet? Whether you’re sensitive to this protein or you think you may have Celiac disease, Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, HI recommends taking a second to evaluate gluten’s effect on your mouth and teeth. You’ve probably heard all about the digestive issues associated with gluten, but limiting your consumption of this protein has been shown to also have positive effects on your dental care.

Here’s how gluten affects your oral health:

imageEnamel Damage

Reducing your intake of gluten can actually prevent damage from being done to your tooth enamel. From bread and pasta to everything in between, food items with this protein are known to negatively affect the surface of your teeth and make your teeth prone to decay.


Avoiding soft drinks and coffee isn’t the only thing that you can do to ensure that your teeth stay bright and shiny. According to the dental care team at Pediatric Dental Group, gluten can cause your teeth to become yellow and brown over time.

Bad Breath

Trying to find the source of your halitosis can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you’ve tried brushing, flossing and following a strict dental care routine to no avail, then it’s time to drop gluten-filled products from your diet. There’s a chance that your bad breath will disappear just by simply tweaking your diet.

Gum Inflammation

When you eat food that contains gluten, this protein can find its way underneath your gums. Over time, bacteria will grow and cause your gums to become inflamed, leading to a host of other issues.

Dental care is so much more than just brushing and flossing. To find out what other foods can affect your overall oral health, call Pediatric Dental Group at (808) 593-8828 or visit them online today.

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