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Why Do Property Investors Offer Cash for Your Home? October 31, 2016

St. Peters, St. Charles
Why Do Property Investors Offer Cash for Your Home?, St. Peters, Missouri

Investing in real estate is one surefire way to protect one’s wealth and making it grow. In today’s competitive market, more property investors are buying houses with cash due to all the advantages it offers. Here, Baile Properties in St. Peters, MO, discusses why it’s better to buy properties with cash.

Less Risk, More Flexibility

Buying properties using cash gives investors more flexibility, as they are not limited by the amount and conditions a lender would set for them. You don’t have to go through a fickle home appraisal process, which can turn out to be disastrous if the appraiser values a property too low. While challenging the appraisal is a possible recourse, it would likely prolong the process for the parties involved. Cash transactions rule in this scenario because it gives both the buyer and the seller an opportunity to close the deal faster.

Mortgages Are A Hassle

property-investorsMany property investors are doing away with getting a mortgage, as it is a cumbersome process, from application to approval. Some home sellers even turn down buyers outright, even though they’re pre-approved for a mortgage. Having cash gives you the advantage of getting preferential treatment from home sellers, since they’ll be able to sell the property quickly.

Owning your house outright gives you a sense of security and peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about mortgage payments or loans, and you can readily sell your home if you ever need to. Alternatively, renting out a property bought with cash will provide a steady stream of income, which is always welcome.

If you are thinking of selling your home, Baile Properties buys properties for cash as-is. These property investors give fair offers for your house and can close the sale in just two weeks. Give them a call at (636) 614-6629 or visit their website to learn how they can help with your real estate needs.

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