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How Radon Testing Can Reduce Your Risk of Lung Cancer October 31, 2016

South Salt Creek, Lincoln
How Radon Testing Can Reduce Your Risk of Lung Cancer, Lincoln, Nebraska

With lung cancer awareness month coming in November, many homeowners may be wondering whether their homes are free of harmful gases. The presence of certain gases is thought to increase the risk of cancer and other harmful medical conditions. Z&H Enterprises in Lincoln, NE, knows a safe environment is integral to the health of your family, and they perform comprehensive home inspections to detect dangerous gases like radon.

Lung Cancer’s Link To Radon

What Is Radon?

According to the American Cancer Society, radon is a toxic gas found indoors and outdoors. It’s created when radioactive elements in the soil break down, and it can seep from the ground into homes and buildings through cracks in foundations and floors. Areas with heightened radon levels exist throughout the nation and can cause lasting damage.

Breathing in radon over time is dangerous. It is considered the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. (after smoking), with 21,000 deaths per year attributed to Radon exposure.  

How Can Radon Testing Help?

Lincoln-NE-lung0cancerBecause this deadly gas is odorless and colorless, radon testing is crucial to determine whether it is present in your home and further action is required. A reading of more than 4.0 picocuries per liter of air is considered dangerous.

If there are hazardous levels of radon in your home, the skilled technicians at Z&H Enterprises have many ways to diminish it. These methods include sealing floor and foundation cracks to keep the gas from entering, and installing a radon mitigation system to reduce radon gas concentrations through out the home.

Contact Z&H Enterprises to protect your family from an increased lung cancer risk. Z&H Enterprises is offering half-price radon tests (only $50.00) during the month of November.  Call (402) 742-5806 or contact them on their website, where you can request a free estimate for a radon system or learn more about their valuable services.

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