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3 Crucial Reasons You Need an OWI (DUI) Attorney for a First Offense October 26, 2016

Indianola, Warren
3 Crucial Reasons You Need an OWI (DUI) Attorney for a First Offense, Indianola, Iowa

Many people charged with an OWI (DUI) for the first time wonder if they need to hire a DUI attorney. It's important to know that an OWI (DUI) attorney offers some distinct benefits to first-time offenders—benefits that can work for your best interests. The OWI (DUI) attorneys of Ellis Law Offices, P.C., have been serving clients throughout the Indianola, IA, area since 2003.

Why You Need AN OWI (DUI) Attorney For A First Offense

1. Investigation for Pretrial Issues 

Your attorney at Ellis Law Offices, P.C. will thoroughly investigate your case to determine whether the arresting officer followed proper procedures and Constitutional mandates.  If there are constitutional, statutory or procedural violations, your case may be dismissed. 

2. Reduce The Charges

With an OWI (DUI) attorney, you may be able to get the charges against you reduced. Your lawyer will work closely with you, as well as with prosecutors, to create a case for lessening the severity of the charges you're facing. An OWI (DUI) attorney will likely utilize the fact that a first-time offense is a prime opportunity for reducing charges as you've never had such an experience before and, hopefully, won't again.

3. Lessen Penalties & Punishments

DUI AttorneyIt's no surprise that OWIs (DUIs) come with pretty severe penalties and punishments. These can range from fines and license suspension to significant jail time. Your OWI (DUI) attorney at Ellis Law Offices, P.C., will negotiate with the opposing counsel to get you the lightest penalties possible. Given that this is your first offense, there's a strong chance your OWI (DUI) attorney can make a solid case for lessened punishment.

If you’re up against your first OWI (DUI) charge, call Ellis Law Offices, P.C., at (515) 962-9080 to schedule a strategy session with an OWI (DUI) attorney. You can also visit the firm on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on important news and information. By hiring a an OIW (DUI) attorney, you are giving yourself a fighting chance against the charges you're facing.

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