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Top 3 Skills Kids Learn From Interactive Children's Shows October 28, 2016

Manhattan, New York City, NY
Top 3 Skills Kids Learn From Interactive Children's Shows, Manhattan, New York

Taking your child to a puppet show might just simply seem like a fun afternoon activity. While it’s certainly a form of entertainment, it’s also so much more than that. Studies and writings have shown that children’s shows have a variety of educational, sociological, and developmental benefits for kids. This is especially true of shows with interactive elements, like those presented by the Brooklyn, NY-based Penny and the Puppettes theater troupe. Check out three skills that kids learn from interactive children’s shows:

  • Fosters Creativity: Creativity is a skill and a concept that isn’t always focused on enough during school hours. Interactive children’s shows, on the other hand, exercise kids’ minds in ways that aren’t directed at finding a correct answer, but at experimenting with their thoughts and thinking outside the box in an entertainment-based environment. Whether the children are asked to paint a picture, clap with a song, or dance along with the puppets, they are learning and experiencing creatively.
  • Builds Focus: By gathering children in one space and offering them entertainment that asks them to do children's showa specific activity, interactive children’s shows enhance the kids’ ability to train their mind on the task at hand, and as a result, build focus. Interactive children’s shows help kids develop a skill that will be crucial for their success in the educational and social realms later in life by urging them to concentrate as well as listen to instructions,  
  • Encourages Teamwork: Being part of an interactive children’s show means playing, collaborating, and interacting with the other puppets as well as the other kids. By engaging in activities together, children learn how to share, listen to each other, compromise, and encourage one another. In doing so, they are better able to recognize their role in the overall product and appreciate the role of their peers.

The interactive children’s shows offered by Penny and the Puppettes may only be for kids aged 1 to 10, but the skills and values they instill can last long after the puppets have been put away. To schedule an interactive children’s show for your event, contact Penny and the Puppettes at (917) 474-9364 or visit their website.