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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Funeral Director October 28, 2016

Cincinnati, Hamilton
5 Important Questions to Ask Your Funeral Director, Cincinnati, Ohio

Funeral directors are compassionate individuals who understand you can never be fully prepared to approach the details that accompany a loved one’s loss. With this in mind, Cincinnati, OH’s Meyer & Geiser Funeral Home will aid in every aspect of the funeral planning process, from choosing the casket to selecting the appropriate burial services.

Finding a director who is in tune with your needs can be difficult, so it’s best to speak with multiple professionals, comparing their costs, services, and your comfort level before making a final hiring decision. Here are five questions to ask when getting to know a funeral director:

  • What Burial Services Are Available? There are many options outside of traditional underground burials including cremation, embalming, and above-ground burials. An experienced funeral director will explain the details of each to help you make an informed decision.
  • What Are The Basic Costs? Comparison shopping after the loss of a loved one isn’t an easy experience, but it’s essential when funeral homes, products, and services vary widely in price. By federal law, funeral homes may charge a basic fee for standard services, such as planning the ceremony, securing death certificate and death notice copies, storing the body, and coordinating arrangements with outside providers. Know what’s covered by your funeral home’s general cost before you choose.
  • funeral directorCan I See A Price List? By federal law, funeral directors are required to provide pricing information on all goods and services. You should receive an itemized list that includes all offerings before you even seek out a casket. It should also be printed and available to take home as loved ones gather to make the final arrangements. 
  • What Memberships Or Licenses Do You Have? Funeral directors may join business organizations in the same way that other professionals can. While these aren’t necessary, they do show that the director is interested in furthering their education to better serve grieving clients. While these are optional and show industry initiative, state law requires all funeral directors and the homes they work for to maintain current licenses. You can double-check this information by contacting the state’s board of funeral directors and embalmers. 
  • How Long Have You Been Operating? While many funeral homes obtain a Grade A reputation immediately, one with decades of experience is often the best choice. As a community fixture, these homes offer excellent service and a reputable staff.

For five generations, Cincinnati’s Meyer & Geiser Funeral Home and its compassionate funeral directors have helped families arrange honorable burial services for their loved ones. To plan a service of your own, visit them online, or call (513) 921-4144 to speak with a professional today.

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