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5 Jobs That Provoke Back Pain October 28, 2016

Quimby, West Adams
5 Jobs That Provoke Back Pain, West Adams, Colorado

Whether you spend your days in front of your laptop or carrying boxes, there are a number of professions that can lead to back pain. However, some professions clearly provoke more stress and strain than others. Today, expert chiropractor Nancy Swenson, D.C., from Back to Life Chiropractic in Denver, CO, will outline a few professions that surely warrant regular spinal adjustments. 

According to a study from the American Chiropractic Association, these professionals are among those suffering from the most back pain:

  • back-pain-Denver-COConstruction Workers: From climbing ladders and hammering nails to lifting heavy steel beams, an average construction worker’s day can wreak severe havoc on the back and spine.
  • Landscapers: With daily tasks often involving transporting truckloads of rocks and bags full of cement, landscaping demands a serious amount of heavy lifting. For that reason, it’s important to learn safe lifting techniques to prevent unnecessary back pain.
  • Police Officers: Many police officers spend long periods of time sitting in the car, which can cause stress to the lower back. They are also forced to execute quick and sudden movements when called upon, further exacerbating the problem. Their heavy belts further add to back pain and strain.
  • Firefighters & EMTs: Firefighters and EMTs are faced with a wide range of physically intensive challenges, from carrying people to safety to breaking down obstacles and operating fire hoses with heavy-duty pressure.
  • Delivery Drivers: Delivery drivers quickly carry heavy, large, and sometimes awkwardly sized packages from door-to-door to meet their daily deadlines. When paired with plenty of driving, this profession is particularly hard on the back.

If you’re experiencing back pain on the job, it’s important to seek help from a chiropractor to avoid injury and live well. For the help you need, look to the experts at Back to Life Chiropractic in Denver. Call today at (303) 457-2040 or visit the website for more information. 

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