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Manhattan’s Spa Treatment Center Shares 3 Fascinating Facts About Sweat November 3, 2016

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Manhattan’s Spa Treatment Center Shares 3 Fascinating Facts About Sweat, Manhattan, New York

Whether you’re working out, stressing out, or just a little overheated, your body sweats to cool you down. While this bodily function occurs in just about everyone, people still have a lot of questions about sweat. New Paradise Men’s Spa is here to explain some interesting trivia about sweat. They provide a variety of spa treatments, such as men’s massage, facials, and waxing, at a day spa in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan.

Here are three interesting facts about sweat:

  • It Doesn’t Stink: Even though you might emit body odor when you’re sweating, that smell isn’t caused by the sweat itself. Water makes up around 98% of the composition of sweat, while the remaining two percent contains protein, fats, salt, and other waste materials—none of which smell. The odor occurs when bacteria process sweat and release the byproducts.
  • spa treatmentsSweat Reveals Emotions: Chemicals in sweat may reveal the emotions of the person who perspired. Dutch scientists found that when people took a whiff of sweat from people who watched happy films, the facial muscles around their smiles were stimulated. They also reported a more optimistic outlook after smelling the joyous perspiration.
  • You Can Sweat Too Much: Feeling extra sweaty without a reason? You may have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, an issue where an abundance of sweat effects the everyday activities, like opening doors and typing on keyboards. See a doctor if you’re concerned about hyperhidrosis.

If stressful events have caused you to sweat a bit more than you’d like, relaxing spa treatments at New Paradise Men’s Spa might be just the thing you need to chill out. To book spa treatments for men in Manhattan, call (646) 559-1621 or visit their website.

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