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Why Proper Excavation Work Puts Safety First October 25, 2016

Honolulu, Oahu
Why Proper Excavation Work Puts Safety First, Honolulu, Hawaii

There are many different jobs commonly performed on construction sites, but the one thing they share is an emphasis on safety. That sentiment applies to excavation work just as much as it does to a project like demolition, and the importance of safety shines through every aspect of Tajiri Lumber's services. Based in Honolulu, HI, Tajiri Lumber has been providing residential and commercial customers with industry-leading excavation work for over 70 years. With the better part of a century behind them, that central focus on safety remains stronger than ever.

Excavations are performed for many reasons, from creating a space for foundations and underground parking lots to the installation of pools and patios. Some of the hazards that make safety a serious concern include:

  • excavation workThe Potential For Cave-Ins: Cave-ins pose a huge risk to any excavation project, and are cited as the most frequent cause of injury and death. Preventive measures are key, so every possibility is taken into account before the job begins. Even something like heavy vehicle traffic could lead to the level of vibration that causes cave-ins, making attention to detail a pivotal factor.
  • Hidden Underground Hazards: Excavation work is accompanied by a slew of hidden hazards, including explosive gasses, toxic fumes, underground utility lines, and buried power lines. To cope with these risks, on-site employees must be able to identify dangerous conditions on their own, while also working with trained specialists who inspect the site for hazards and instabilities. 
  • Nearby Structural Stability: Nearby structures can be a safety concern, as well. The last thing you want is to begin an excavation project that will compromise the structural integrity of an adjacent building. If there's any potential for this scenario, those structures will need to be supported before the project begins. 

From the initial dig to debris removal and beyond, safety is one of the many reasons Tajiri Lumber is such a trusted local source for excavation and demolition work. Visit them online for more information, including a gallery of past demolition, concrete recycling, and hauling services. To discuss your project, call them at (808) 841-2896 today.

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