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5 Benefits of Porcelain Tiles October 25, 2016

Lihue, Kauai
5 Benefits of Porcelain Tiles, Lihue, Hawaii

Beautiful flooring literally lays the groundwork for the look and feel of an entire room. Porcelain tiles are an increasingly popular option when it comes to home design—and not just for the bathroom. In-the-know interior designers are incorporating these elegant tiles into kitchen countertops, entry hall foyers, and more.

Here, the pros at Pacific Tile Imports in Lihue, HI, explain why porcelain tiles are a popular choice these days.

5 Reasons To Choose Porcelain Tiles


Lihue-HI-porcelain-tilesPorcelain is actually a type of ceramic. The difference between porcelain and traditional ceramic tiles lies in porcelain’s durability: The clay is more densely packed and fired at higher temperatures, making for a more sturdy material.


Aside from its durability, porcelain has another interesting asset that makes for fantastic longevity: The color of each tile isn’t just found on the surface, but runs throughout the entire tile. As the tiles get worn down, the color will remain the same, delaying necessary replacements.


Anybody who has ever scrubbed kitchen floor tiles will appreciate how simple it is to clean porcelain. These tiles don’t absorb a great deal of moisture, so spills can be easily wiped up before they set, making porcelain very resistant to stains. Cleaning usually just requires a gentle scrub with water and mild detergent.


Porcelain tiles can be used in any space that requires a high-performing and eye-catching surface. From kitchen countertops and ornate wall mosaics to shower walls and bathroom floors, porcelain is a true jack-of-all-trades when it comes to usability.


In addition to the practical benefits described above, porcelain tiles are a great investment for any homeowner because of their aesthetic appeal. Modern technology can make these tiles look like natural stone, a popular option for many homeowners and a choice that can add real value to your home.

If you’re interested in porcelain tiles, Pacific Tile Imports in Lihue, HI, has a great range to choose from. Visit their website for a sneak peek at their products or, better yet, stop by in person to discuss your floor tile needs. You can also give them a call at (808) 245-1765 for answers to any questions you may have. 

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