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3 Waterproofing Solutions for Your Leaky Roof October 18, 2016

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Waterproofing Solutions for Your Leaky Roof, Honolulu, Hawaii

A leaky roof results in a variety of unpleasant issues, including water damage, higher energy bills, and mold growth. Sidestep these problems by working with the waterproofing experts at Surface Shield Roofing Company. The Honolulu, HI, residential and commercial roofing company offers a decade of experience and a reputation for honest, quality work that lasts.

Review their selection of fantastic waterproofing products that are sure to fix any leaks in your roof:

  • Gaco Sil S-2000: Consider this silicone waterproofing product, as it’s ideal for homes with negative roof slopes. The petroleum-free option features limited dirt pickup, 84% reflectivity, and the same chemical makeup as sand. Outstanding physical properties mean the product will not break down over time. waterproofing
  • Gaco Sil S-20: Use the commercial version of the silicone waterproofing product from Gaco, which provides the same high-quality physical properties and features as its residential counterpart. Both products are usable on metal, cap sheet, concrete, and modified bitumen and are applicable via roll-on and spray-on methods.
  • Tropical Silicone: Discuss Tropical Silicone, the White Lava product from All Weather Surface, with your Honolulu roofers. The waterproofing agent offers a heat-reflective membrane and is usable over existing roofing materials. Mold and mildew resistant, Tropical Silicone is ideal for low-slope roofing surfaces with pooling water.

Surface Shield Roofing Company is dedicated to finding the right waterproofing solution for your building. Maintain your roof by working with the esteemed roofing company today. Call (808) 739-9599 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for more information on their services.

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