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Home Seller Advice: 3 Benefits of Pre-Sale Home Inspections October 20, 2016

Kittanning, Armstrong
Home Seller Advice: 3 Benefits of Pre-Sale Home Inspections, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

The team at S & K Home Inspections knows pre-sale home inspections not only make properties more desirable to potential buyers but also protect sellers from additional repair costs. For years, the Kittanning, PA-based company has provided residents throughout Armstrong County with thorough home evaluations to get properties ready for sale.

Below, S & K Home Inspections’ staff shares three advantages of pre-sale home inspections:

  • More Flexibility With Repairs: Pre-sale home inspections give you the flexibility to make repairs on your terms. If your inspector finds problems, you’ll have time to make these repairs without the buyer’s input. If you disclose home inspectionthese problems to the buyer early enough in the process, they won’t be able to force you to make these repairs later on.  
  • Negotiating Leverage: After examining every nook and cranny, the evaluator will give you an inspection report. This useful document details everything about the condition of your home. If you’ve recently made updates to the heating and cooling system, plumbing, etc., buyers will see this information in the report. If your property needs few updates, you have more leverage to negotiate any additional repairs. 
  • Avoid Surprises: Although you might be aware of some needed repairs, your home inspector will let you know about any major issues that could affect selling your home. If the potential buyer’s home evaluator has concerns about electrical wiring, plumbing, or the HVAC system, both parties can negotiate repair costs well before the closing date. The team at S & K Home Inspections will provide radon testing, water inspection, termite inspection, and anything else needed so there aren’t any surprises when you meet with prospective buyers.   

To get your home ready for sale, call S & K Home Inspections. The knowledgeable team will walk you through all steps involved in the inspection process to make the experience as stress-free as possible. To schedule your home inspection in Kittanning, Apollo, or Leechburg, call (724) 545-3307 to speak with a representative. Visit the company online for service rates and Facebook for the latest company information.