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3 Things You Should Know About Medicare October 27, 2016

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3 Things You Should Know About Medicare, Greece, New York

Almost every working American contributes to Medicare, which provides significant benefits to elders over age 65. But what exactly does Medicare provide, and why is it so important? No company in Rochester, NY, has more expertise in this department than Hurley Care Solutions. Through their Medicare counseling and elder care planning services, these experts are devoted to informing every client of their entitlements.

Here are three things you and your loved ones should know about Medicare:

  • medicare counselingYou Can Sign Up Before You’re 65: You can start the Medicare application process up to three months before your 65th birthday, and your coverage can begin as soon as the first day of your birth month. Overall, you’re entitled to a seven-month window surrounding your birthday during which you can enroll and escape higher premiums. Sign up as soon as possible following your 65th birthday for the best possible rate.
  • You’re Entitled To Free Preventative Care: Some of the most rewarding perks of Medicare are the free preventative care visits and physical exams. After your initial visit, once you’ve been enrolled for at least a year, you’ll be able to schedule free annual physical exams, breast cancer screenings, colonoscopies, bone mass measurements, and other preventative screenings.
  • Supplemental Coverage Is Available: If you require additional coverage for out-of-pocket costs or care services beyond the scope of standard Medicare plans, you can supplement your plan with Medicare Advantage or Medigap. Within six months of turning 65, you’re entitled to buy a Medigap policy regardless of any preexisting conditions. Supplemental coverage offers added peace of mind should you ever incur high medical bills.

Do you need personalized Medicare counseling? For professional advice, call the elder care planning experts of Hurley Care Solutions at (585) 471-5239. You can also reach this Rochester-based team through their online form, or by sending them an email.