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Medical Career Spotlight: A Day in the Life of an EKG Technician October 28, 2016

Wakefield, Bronx
Medical Career Spotlight: A Day in the Life of an EKG Technician, Bronx, New York

The EKG technician career field is one filled with heart—literally. EKG, or electrocardiograph, technicians monitor and measure the heart health of patients using advanced equipment. It’s a rewarding job that can protect the health of others, but it’s also requires in-depth training. To help you build expertise, Big Apple Training in White Plains offers comprehensive EKG technician training to help emerging medical professionals master this area of cardiovascular health.

Is a career as an EKG technician right for you? To find out, this health education provider recommends getting familiar with the demands and experiences of this profession. On a daily basis, these professions should expect to get up close and personal with the hearts of others, primarily through electrocardiogram testing.

On the average day, an EKG technician will perform several health tests by measuring the electrical impulses of the heart. They’ll attach electrodes to specific parts of the patient’s body to receive and record these transmissions. Before performing these routine tests, an EKG technician will review the patient’s medical history. This is where training really pays off. With their expert knowledge of heart health and conditions, these professionals can tailor their monitoring to make sure the most informative results are provided.

EKG technician White Plains NYSometimes, EKGs are used to diagnose common heart conditions, such as an irregular heartbeat. Other times, an EKG technician may perform a routine test to make sure a patient is in solid shape to go forward with surgery. Each time, the technician provides the initial judgment of a patient’s cardiovascular health, which plays an important role in the doctor’s treatment decisions.

On some days, an EKG technician will apply this knowledge while assisting a physician during a surgical procedure to make sure the patient is healthy enough for treatment. An experienced technician may also analyze incoming data during extensive medical tests, such as 24-hour stress tests.

But being an EKG technician is more than just knowing how the heart operates and how to adjust care for each individual patient. It’s also a career that requires specific technical expertise. Since electrocardiograms are complicated tools, a tech will usually have to test equipment performance routinely throughout the day to make sure it is accurate.

If heart health, technology, and data interest you, consider a career as an EKG technician. To get started, turn to Big Apple Training. If EKG tech training doesn’t seem like a good fit but you’re still interested in a medical career, this medical educator in White Plains offers many other viable options, such as home health aide training and phlebotomy classes. Contact them today at (914) 437-7373 to learn more about how you can advance your medical career.  

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