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3 Easy Ways to Prepare Pet Containment Systems for Winter October 21, 2016

Newtown, Fairfield County
3 Easy Ways to Prepare Pet Containment Systems for Winter, Newtown, Connecticut

Soil becomes harder in winter, which is why the team at Invisible Fence of Newtown believes you should start preparing your in-ground pet containment systems before the season changes. Since 1997, they’ve provided pet owners throughout Fairfield County, CT, with invisible fence installation services to keep their four-legged friends safe.

Below, the Invisible Fence of Newtown team shares three simple ways to get your in-ground pet containment systems winter-ready:

  • Perform A Short-Loop Test: Fenceless pet containment systems use wires embedded in the ground to monitor pet movement. If your dog is prone to digging, or critters often visit your yard, these wires can easily get knocked out of place or break. In winter, it’s hard to check for breaks once the ground freezes over. To make sure the system is secure before the first cold spell, check the transmitter. If the loop light isn’t on, the wires could be damaged.
  • newtown-connecticut-pet-containment-systems-installationCheck Splices For Corrosion: If you’ve already widened your pet containment systems’ boundary areas and want to add more space, check to make sure the current splices aren’t corroded. Rain and snow will cause further damage to faulty equipment, so call Invisible Fence of Newtown to install new splices. 
  • Place Boundary Markers For The Dog Fence: If you’re in the market for an invisible dog fence, place boundary markers in the ground before the first winter chill. The soil is much softer in spring, summer, and fall, making it easier for you to place flags and the team at Invisible Fence of Newtown to put wires in the ground.  

Winter’s short days can make it hard for drivers to see animals playing outside, but you can rest easy knowing Invisible Fence of Newtown has a wide range of humane invisible fence solutions to keep your pets safe. The company also provides professional pet training and DIY tips to help furry friends adjust to the new system. 

To schedule an installation appointment in Fairfield County, call (888) 429-2421 to speak with a representative. Visit Invisible Fence of Newtown online for pricing information. Watch their YouTube videos to see how the system works.  

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