Frankford, New Jersey
1 State Highway 15
Augusta, NJ 07822

Don't Miss These 3 Delicious Menu Items at Augusta's Best Diner October 27, 2016

Frankford, Sussex
Don't Miss These 3 Delicious Menu Items at Augusta's Best Diner, Frankford, New Jersey

There’s a reason so many road trippers stop at The Chatterbox Drive-In diner in Augusta, NJ. Besides the atmosphere of music, cars, and movie posters that will send you back to the 1950s and 60s, this family restaurant has one of the tastiest menus of American cuisine around. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, their menu of salads, seafood, burgers, and more is bound to have something to fill everyone’s hungry bellies.

The Chatterbox Drive-In wants to let you in on a few of their secrets to making everything on their menu so delicious:

  • dinerGreat Angus Burgers: When you’re craving a big, diner-style burger, the one on the menu at The Chatterbox Drive-In can’t be beaten. They only use fresh, 100% certified Angus beef, with toppings proven to make your mouth water. Choose from a classic burger cooked to your liking, or try the more daring Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger served with a kick.
  • Deep-Fried Hot Dogs: Anyone can throw a hot dog on a grill and call it a meal. But The Chatterbox Drive-In wanted to take their hot dogs to the next level. So they made them bigger and tossed them into a deep fryer. Served with your choice of toppings, including raw onions, sauerkraut, and relish, this is one dog you’re never going to forget.
  • Maine Lobster Rolls: As far as East Coasters are concerned, Maine lobsters are the only lobsters. That’s why The Chatterbox Drive-In uses chunks of  Maine lobster in their luscious New England-style rolls. Tossed in their own in-house seasoned mayonnaise, you’ll wonder how you ever had lobster rolls any other way.

Top one of these meals off with an old fashioned milkshake, and you’ll see what the big fuss over The Chatterbox Drive-In is all about. Give them a call at (973) 300-2300 for directions or visit them online for more information about this throwback diner.