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3 Ways a College Preparatory School Can Prepare Students to Be Future Leaders October 21, 2016

South Bronx, Bronx
3 Ways a College Preparatory School Can Prepare Students to Be Future Leaders, Bronx, New York

High school is an exciting and challenging time in a teenage girl’s life. There are so many things to learn and ways to grow, both as a student and an individual. A good education can shape young minds, but it’s also important to instill a strong moral compass into the hearts of the next generation. Fortunately, there’s a place that offers an advanced curriculum and a supportive environment: Preston High School. Located in the Bronx, NY, this highly respected all-girls college preparatory school is shaping the leaders and innovators of the future. 

Here are three ways Preston High School can benefit and empower students:

  • An All-Girls Education: Research has shown female students perform much better in an all-girls environment, thriving not only intellectually but also physically and socially. A single-sex college preparatory school allows the girl in your life to focus on her education and ambitions, instead of worrying about what she looks like and how male students might perceive her.
  • A Rigorous Curriculum: Educational opportunities abound at Preston High School, where students can take Honors and Advanced Placement classes in a variety of subjects, including English, Math, Science, Computer Technology and History. Additional courses include web design, programming, and musical composition through the high school’s Computer Program. This highly varied curriculum helps students develop solid communication and critical thinking skills, while placing an emphasis on life-long learning. 
  • high schoolAthletic & Co-Curricular Programs: Athletes, thespians, and future politicians will benefit from a wide variety of sports teams, clubs, and organizations. There’s something for every student who attends Preston High School. Watch your daughter take the field and lead her sports team to victory, express her musical talent on stage, or inspire her peers on the Student Council.

With a high-quality education and leadership skills from a college preparatory school like Preston High School, there’s nothing your daughter can’t accomplish. Browse the website to learn more about this private high school, or call (718) 863-9134 to schedule a visit.

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