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4 Carpet Cleaning Tips to Maintain a Spotless Facility October 26, 2016

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4 Carpet Cleaning Tips to Maintain a Spotless Facility, Goshen, New York

Maintaining pristine carpets in a commercial facility can be challenging, especially in the fall and winter when muddy boots and snow can stain your floors. That’s why so many businesses in the Goshen, NY, area depend on Mr. K’s Carpet Service for their commercial cleaning needs. 

Here are four carpet cleaning tips to maintain a spotless facility from Goshen’s favorite professional carpet cleaners:

  • Vacuum Daily: One of the easiest ways to keep carpets fresh is to vacuum them on a regular basis. If you have carpets in high traffic areas that are walked on throughout the day, schedule a commercial cleaning company like Mr. K’s Carpet Service to vacuum them daily. 
  • Spot Removal: It’s easy to ignore a spot or two on your carpets, but before long these small stains will make your carpets look worn out and unsightly. If you notice stains, practice spot removal right away so the problem does not get out of hand. Your carpets will last much longer if cared for this way.
  • Embrace Ongoing Maintenance: Professional carpet cleaners often recommend ongoing maintenance. Refreshing carpets with a surface cleaning on a regular basis will alleviate the need for excessive deep cleanings or buying new carpets after only a season or two. 
  • commercial cleaningSchedule Deep Cleanings: Even if you hire a commercial cleaning company to maintain your carpets on a daily or weekly basis, the odds are that you’ll need to do a deep clean at least once or twice a year. A deep carpet cleaning goes beyond the surface to remove dirt, stains, and unwanted odors. Scheduling a deep cleaning once or twice a year, especially before and after the winter holidays, will keep your facility looking spotless. 

If you own a commercial business in the greater Goshen, NY, area and you’re looking for professional carpet cleaners to help you maintain your facility, call Mr. K’s Carpet Service today at (845) 294-5345 to speak with one of their carpet cleaning pros. To find out more about scheduling your commercial cleaning before the holidays hit, be sure to visit them online.