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Join Foremost Medical Equipment at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo! October 13, 2016

Foremost Medical Equipment
October 15, 2016 8:00AM - October 21, 2016 9:30PM
Join Foremost Medical Equipment at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo!, Henrietta, New York

Each year, the National Safety Council Congress & Expo reveals the latest and best in safety products and solutions, from medical equipment to emergency response tactics. This Oct. 17th through 19th, Foremost Medical Equipment joins the event with their innovative and impressive technology, including the newest diagnostic tools and first-response medical devices.

The exciting expo will take place from Oct. 15th through 21st at the Anaheim Convention Center just outside of Los Angeles, California. More than 14,000 experts from near and far will travel to show off products and learn about cutting-edge devices transforming the fields of health and technology. Amid all the buzz, the expo’s objective is to make safety more accessible and effective for communities around the world—a cause Foremost Medical Equipment, an international supplier, firmly supports.

imageThis year, Foremost Medical Equipment will exhibit a range of advanced medical devices, from the latest in digital patient monitors to defibrillators and bone densitometers. Whether you’re a health practitioner, a governmental employee, or someone who simply cares about the health and safety of your community, the 2016 NSC Congress & Expo is the place to visit. From a business perspective, this event allows you to stay on top of industry trends, network with professionals, and discover and compare new products. The event also hosts several informative opportunities to empower you to advance your career, from professional development seminars to hands-on workshops.

Whether you’re looking to check out new medical equipment or learn about the most advanced research in safety protocols, the 2016 National Safety Council Congress & Expo won’t disappoint. Head to the expo this Oct. 15th through 21st, 2016—and stop by Foremost Medical Equipment’s booth! 

To learn more about high-quality medical devices from Foremost Medical Equipment, visit the supplier’s website. You can also connect with the team on Facebook and Twitter.

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