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Troubleshooting 5 Common Car Problems: Help From Brockton's Leading Auto Parts Store October 21, 2016

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Troubleshooting 5 Common Car Problems: Help From Brockton's Leading Auto Parts Store, Brockton, Massachusetts

Common car problems can be a real pain, especially when you lack an understanding of how to troubleshoot them. However, with the right information, anyone can identify and investigate the nuisances that regularly plague car owners. Woodward's Auto Parts makes it a point to provide their customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision. That’s why this friendly neighborhood auto parts store has a reputation for excellence throughout Brockton, MA.

While you may ultimately require professional assistance, knowing what to do when these five problems occur will help you get the service you need:

  • Dashboard Lights Flash: You may need to reset your vehicle’s computer if the dashboard lights are flashing. Disconnect the car battery for at least ten minutes, then reconnect it and start the car again. If the problem persists, enlist the help of a professional. 
  • auto parts storeEngine Won’t Turn: If your vehicle fails to start and your engine won’t turn over, check that the gas tank is full and all electrical accessories are operational. If they are, move on to troubleshooting the car battery.
  • Accessories Stop Working: Non-functioning accessories could point to an issue with your car’s fuses. Consult your owner’s manual and inspect each fuse for signs of damage. If you find a problem, visit your local auto parts store and pick up a replacement.
  • Engine Makes A Clicking Sound: A slowly cranking engine accompanied by a clicking or moaning sound may indicate an issue with your vehicle’s alternator or starter. It could also be an issue with the battery, so check that it can hold a charge before seeking further assistance.
  • Car Wobbles While Driving: Faulty tires can cause your vehicle to wobble on the road. A visual inspection of your tires will usually uncover any serious damage, such as exposed wires or unnatural bulges.

From their massive selection of car accessories to their unbeatable customer service, Woodward's Auto Parts is the one-stop car shop for drivers of Brockton. Take a look at their extensive inventory by visiting the website. Have questions about procuring parts for your vehicle? Call (508) 586-8032or stop by this reliable auto parts store for personalized service.

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