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Top 3 Habits of Successful Franchise Owners December 15, 2016

Sundance Hills, Southwest Arapahoe
Top 3 Habits of Successful Franchise Owners, Southwest Arapahoe, Colorado

Franchise ownership has many benefits. Namely, you get to work for yourself but not by yourself. Crestcom, an international corporate training firm based in Greenwood Village, CO, provides their franchisees with the resources and support they need to thrive. This past August, they discussed the top five characteristics of a successful franchise owner. However, being successful isn’t just about who you are. It’s also about what you do.

Crestcom’s most effective franchisees are known for taking action. Not all of them were born great leaders, but they still work toward their personal and professional growth every day. These steps aren’t always monumental. Sometimes they’re small daily tasks that, over time, have a large impact.

Crestcom returns this month with the top three habits of successful franchise owners:

1. They Ask Questions

Many franchisees conflate inquiry with ignorance. In reality, questions are the best way to learn. They give you a deeper understanding of a variety of topics that may help your franchise in the future. Questions help you not only improve past ventures but also explore new ones, meaning they’re also a sign of innovation. Every night, try reflecting on the day's events, and then asking a few thoughtful questions about how you could improve tomorrow.

2. They Follow Trendsfranchise owner

While successful franchise owners follow trends, they’re not necessarily copying them. Rather, they’re observing patterns and adapting to them. Trends are of particular importance in the leadership development industry because clients are expecting the most up-to-date advice. Crestcom is always improving their products to fit industry demands, so franchise owners must do the same. Spend some time each day talking to clients or browsing business-related publications for possible trends. Is there a new social media platform that's gaining popularity? What does the most recent study say about millennials in the workplace? How can you change your franchise’s strategy to fit these trends?  

3. They Network

Networking is necessary for success in any industry, especially for franchise owners. Not only does it increase your client base, but it also creates a strong support system that franchisees can fall back on. Keep an eye out for local networking conferences or contact Crestcom to find other franchise owners in your area.

As mentioned before, effective franchise ownership isn’t just about your management skills. It’s also about how you use them. Try incorporating these habits into your daily routine, and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that arise. Call Crestcom today at (303) 267-8200 to start your new career as a successful franchisee. For more on their corporate training and leadership development programs, visit their website.