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Unleash the Power of Business Networking in Your Community November 2, 2016

Downtown Bridgeport, Bridgeport
Unleash the Power of Business Networking in Your Community, Bridgeport, Connecticut

One of the most invaluable tools that business owners have in their toolkit—but which many unfortunately neglect to sharpen—is the ability to network within their community. Certainly, all the news lately has focused on the power of social networks, but there is also real power in hitting the streets to meet people face-to-face. The Trumbull Chamber of Commerce encourages the business community in Trumbull, CT, to embrace this crucial resource of business networking to grow their brand and build awareness.

Benefits Of Community Networking

The most important benefits of attending networking events and joining a business networking group are increased referrals and more business opportunities. Most networked referrals are very high-quality leads, so networking can be one of your most cost-effective marketing efforts. You also uncover opportunities for joint ventures, partnerships, and writing opportunities that increase your business's exposure and sphere of influence.

Building Connections Through Networking

Chamber of CommerceNetworking face-to-face is a terrific opportunity to meet people and develop important, influential community connections. These connections then become a wonderful source of advice and a positive influence on you personally. This type of relationship building is not as easy to perform through impersonal social media contact.

Important Networking Statistics

The following statistics suggest that face-to-face business networking is not something to ignore: 85% of those surveyed say they build "stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person business meetings and conferences." Reasons for this include the ability to see and interpret facial expressions and body language, and 75% feel in person networking leads to "more social interactions and the ability to bond with co-workers and clients." Nearly half feel that it leads to "tough, timely decision making," while 95% say it is "essential for long-term business relationships."

Opportunities For Networking In Connecticut

There are numerous opportunities for networking in Connecticut, starting with the state's business ecosystem, LaunchScale, which offers a "wealth of high-powered resources, such as office hours with vetted and qualified mentors, and funding of up to $5,000." The Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs group holds regular meetings (Wednesdays, 1 p.m., at the State House Square) for those who seek advice on marketing or tech services from experienced professionals. And the Greater Bridgeport Latino Network holds its 3rd annual networking event in November to celebrate diversity in the Bridgeport business community.

The Trumbull Chamber of Commerce, a cornerstone of the business community in Trumbull, CT, helps locals build awareness, improve sales, and interact with other economic entities in the region. Visit them online to learn more, or call (203) 212-9537 to speak to a friendly representative about networking opportunities in your community.

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