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3 Health Benefits of Golfing at Silver Spring's Favorite Golf Course October 24, 2016

Silver Spring, Montgomery
3 Health Benefits of Golfing at Silver Spring's Favorite Golf Course, Silver Spring, Maryland

If you’re a regular golfer, you will be happy to learn that taking out your clubs and heading to the golf course at Argyle Country Club in Silver Spring, MD, offers a host of health benefits. This sport allows you to spend a significant amount of time outdoors exercising in nature. Just setting aside a day or two a week to play golf can positively affect your overall health.

Check out these main health benefits of planning regular visits to play a round of golf at Argyle Country Club:

  • Psychological: Taking time to step away from work and duties to play golf with your friends and colleagues can tremendously boost your mood. Spending the day at the golf course not only reduces stress levels, but it also gives you a much-needed break to recharge your mind.
  • golf coursePhysical: Even if it doesn’t feel like an intense workout, getting out on the greens gives your physical fitness a boost. Walking 18 holes and swinging clubs is an easy and fun way to increase your physical activity, improve cardiovascular health, and strengthen your vision. At the end of the day, you’ll end up sleeping better too, so you can expect to have more energy day in and day out.
  • Social: Playing golf isn’t just about getting the lowest score. One of the primary benefits of visiting a golf course is getting the opportunity to socialize with friends and co-workers. Conversation and competition are two aspects of the game that have positive impacts on your overall health.

Consider a golf course more than a playground—rather, it’s a retreat for your body, mind, and soul. To learn more about the championship golf course at Argyle Country Club, call (301) 598-5500 or visit the website.

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