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Do You Have These 5 Essential Management Skills? December 2, 2016

Sundance Hills, Southwest Arapahoe
Do You Have These 5 Essential Management Skills?, Southwest Arapahoe, Colorado

No matter the industry, businesses need strong leaders to succeed. For 27 years, Greenwood Village-based Crestcom has helped leaders in over 60 countries strengthen their management skills and see real results. Their leadership development programs are more than just leadership training. Crestcom training is not a crash-course on one particular trait, but rather continuous instruction that hones a breadth of skills.

Their trademark course, Crestcom’s Bullet Proof® Manager, focuses on 10 core competencies, five of which will be discussed here. These management skills then lay the necessary groundwork for both personal and professional success. As taught in their interactive programs, Crestcom International says effective managers:

  • Understand The Business: Managers need a firm grasp on both their team’s and company's objectives. Crestcom’s Bullet Proof® Manager helps leaders not only articulate their business’ goals but also use them to generate valuable business insights.
  • Drive For Results: The most successful managers are known for their dedication to measurable results. To put it simply, they get things done. Thus, most company leaders are also able decision makers.
  • Influence Others: Managers are the unifying force that brings their team together. They must be able to balance conflicting opinions, promote collaboration, and facilitate their employees' productivity. Throughout Crestcom’s interactive leadership development programs, managers learn how to unite their team using skills like negation and open communication.
  • management skillsEncourage Excellence: While unity is paramount, leaders also need to motivate individual employees. The Bullet Proof® Manager curriculum teaches leaders how to identify individual’s strengths and use them to empower employees as well as delegate tasks.
  • Model Personal Growth: “Lead by example” is one of the most recognizable management mantras, but that doesn’t mean it isn't accurate. The best managers set a good example for their team by bettering themselves every day. They're always looking for creative solutions to problems and finding more efficient ways to spend their time and energy. Most importantly, they’re always learning new things, either through individual exploration or structured leadership training.

Effective leadership is work in progress. Whether you're just starting a leadership position or have been a manager for 30 years, Crestcom’s innovative approach to leadership training will help you strengthen your management skills and expand your professional network. Call Crestcom at (303) 267-8200  or visit their website to enroll in one of their interactive leadership development programs today.