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Anchorage’s Brake Service Specialists Explain Anti-Lock Braking Systems October 20, 2016

Arctic Industrial, Anchorage
Anchorage’s Brake Service Specialists Explain Anti-Lock Braking Systems, Anchorage, Alaska

ABS, also known as the anti-lock braking system, plays a key role in keeping you safe on the road. As the brake service experts at McClain’s Car Doctor in Anchorage, AK, explain, anti-lock brakes help your vehicle’s wheels retain traction so you can avoid a dangerous skid and maintain full control of your car as you brake. This is accomplished using a series of sensors that automatically adjust the braking on each wheel, making it easier for you to avoid an accident.

How Do You Use ABS Brakes During Winter?

Driving in an Alaska winter can be a tricky endeavor. While navigating your way through heavy snow is never a picnic, the use of ABS and other modern auto safety features has made the driving process significantly easier. However, drivers should still exercise caution, even if they have anti-lock brakes.

brake serviceAs brake service professionals note, your wheels could still skid if you slam on the brakes after driving too fast during icy or snowy conditions. A driver’s best bet for avoiding a winter accident is to drive at a reduced speed, as this will lower the likelihood that your vehicle will skid when you put on the brakes. It is also a good idea to take care of any necessary brake repair work before icy conditions set in.

When you do find yourself in a situation where you need to slam on the brakes, don’t forget to steer! After all, anti-lock brakes are designed to allow you to maintain your ability to steer the car. As you steer while braking, you can avoid a collision.

Make sure your vehicle’s ABS is in good shape before winter settles in by visiting the brake service team at McClain’s Car Doctor. Learn more about the repairs provided by these auto service specialists by visiting them online or by calling (907) 272-3287.