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Car Protection: 5 Cost-Saving Benefits Of Having A Steel Carport October 17, 2016

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Car Protection: 5 Cost-Saving Benefits Of Having A Steel Carport, Greenbrier, Arkansas

If you don’t have the luxury of a garage to protect your vehicle from the elements, you can invest in the next best thing — a steel carport. These incredible structures offer shelter without the cost of building a traditional garage. Logan County Portable Buildings in Paris, AR, is your source for steel carports and other alternative construction buildings to protect your valuables.

The area’s steel carport specialists offer these benefits of having one on your property:

  • Weather Protection: From hail to falling branches, your car or truck will be shielded from damage caused by weather elements and debris.
  • Fade Prevention: Rays from the sun can cause vehicle paint jobs to fade over time. Having a steel carport will prevent cracking and peeling brought on by direct sunlight.
  • Clutter Reduction: Because there are no doors to hide clutter, owners may be less likely to use their steel carport as a storage container. A garage often ends up as a catch-all for a variety of items, taking away space to park vehicles.
  • Paris-AR-metal-carportDecreased Expense: Adding a garage to an existing home or business can be expensive. A steel carport is not as costly and takes less time to build.
  • Water Protection: Snow and rain can cause mold, mildew, and rust problems if water seeps into your garage. The construction of a steel carport eliminates those problems because there are no cracks or crevices to let in moisture.

For 15 years, Logan County Portable Buildings has been the premier provider of steel carports for residences and businesses in Central Arkansas. As an authorized dealer of All Steel Carports, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, they offer sturdy structures with long-term durability and affordable prices.

To learn more about the benefits of having a steel carport, call Logan County Portable Buildings at (479) 963-3839 for a free estimate. Visit their website for information about other structures they offer, including metal garages and utility sheds.

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