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3 Types of Criminal Defenses: A Lawyer Explains October 17, 2016

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3 Types of Criminal Defenses: A Lawyer Explains, Hindman, Kentucky

Criminal defense cases can pose significant threats to your employment, future, and freedom. However, when working with a lawyer who has experience relevant to your case, you can build a strong defense against your charges.

For years, the attorneys of Jerry W. Wicker Law Offices have defended clients throughout the Hindman, KY, area. From criminal law to the repercussions of a car accident, this law firm has the trial experience needed to prepare a promising defense. Below, they’ve shared three methods of criminal defense that could be applied to your case:

3 Common Paths Of Criminal Defense


When a defendant is charged with committing an act of violence—be it assault, murder, or otherwise—a claim of self-defense can be a successful way to assert their innocence. For example, if a fight occurred, the defendant’s actions may be justified if they were attacked without provocation. In some cases, this can be difficult to establish, but your lawyer will work hard to substantiate your claims with eyewitnesses, camera footage, and other visual confirmations.


lawyerEntrapment applies when law enforcement coerces someone into committing a crime. To be successful, the crime’s original idea, plans, and execution must directly be tied to the influence of the police. While the police are legally allowed to create the opportunity for a crime to be committed—like offering to sell narcotics to someone—they cannot arrest someone after forcing them to possess an illegal substance. A qualified lawyer will be able to build a defense based on the nuances of the case. 


If a defendant is found legally insane, they are not considered responsible for their actions during the time of the crime. In a situation where the crime is committed without intention—and only caused by insanity or similar mental health conditions—the defendant can potentially be cleared of fault. In the event of a guilty verdict, a lawyer can advocate for lessened or more favorable penalties by citing the involuntary nature of the crime.

Criminal charges are far-reaching, no matter the case. When you’re facing the court system, you don’t have to go it alone—let the trusted attorneys of Jerry W. Wicker Law Offices ensure your rights are protected every step of the way. Arrange a consultation today by calling their Hindman office at (606) 785-5556, or visit them online to learn more about their legal specializations.