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Reading Help Experts Offer Tips for Building Your Child's Reading Comprehension October 26, 2016

New York, New York
Reading Help Experts Offer Tips for Building Your Child's Reading Comprehension, New York, New York

“Learning to read” is a somewhat misleading phrase, since reading involves a variety of different skills. In fact, children who can sound out words and use context clues may still struggle with one of the most important and difficult aspects of reading: comprehension.

To develop this crucial skill, the educational enrichment and reading help specialists at FasTracKids in New York City recommend teaching your kids to:

  • Monitor Their Comprehension: The first step employing a comprehension strategy is knowing when you haven't fully understood something. FasTracKids teaches students to identify what they didn't understand, along with strategies to correct the issue.
  • reading helpBe Specific: When a student has trouble with a piece of writing, have them figure out where the difficulty begins as specifically as possible. If they learn to find the sentence they didn't understand and employ appropriate strategies on their own, their reading skills will advance by leaps and bounds.
  • Use Graphic Aids: For some children, visually keeping track of characters and concepts can be a significant boost to reading comprehension. Have your children make a graphic chart that demonstrates relationships between concepts and characters, or show them how to make a story map.
  • Summarize The Text: Restating what they've read in their own words can be one of the most effective tools a child has to retain information and identify gaps in their understanding. Reading help experts often find that restating the text gives children a sense of mastery over the material.

At FasTracKids, reading help experts will develop an age-appropriate curriculum designed to help your child reach their highest potential. Visit their website to learn more about how they strive to give every child a lifelong love of learning. To talk about your child's needs and schedule a visit to the tutoring center, call their offices at (347) 983-2229 today.