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Your Ultimate Guide to Fall Lawn Care October 17, 2016

Danbury, Fairfield County
Your Ultimate Guide to Fall Lawn Care, Danbury, Connecticut

Many people tend to focus on their lawns in spring and summer, when the weather is warmer. However, the fall season is actually the most important time of year to practice proper lawn care. This is your chance to begin developing a lawn that will be lush and healthy come springtime. CELB Property Maintenance keeps homes and businesses in Danbury, CT, looking their best with professional landscaping services.  

The company has created the following guide to help your lawn make it through the winter months:

  • Remove Leaves: Raking leaves is a routine maintenance task in the fall, but you might not realize just how essential it is to preserving your lawn’s health. Allowing leaves to sit on top of the grass for any length of time blocks sunlight from reaching the blades and traps in moisture, which can lead to the development of fungus. 
  • lawn careContinue To Mow: Just because the days are shorter and temperatures are chillier doesn’t mean it’s time to put the lawn mower away. Your grass will continue to grow and will require regular mowing to ensure it remains at the right height. If it gets too long, it’s likely it will start matting and increase the chances of snow mold growth.
  • Aerate The Soil: Aerating the soil is a vital step in lawn care. This helps keep the grass from compacting after encountering heavy summer foot traffic and makes it easier for its roots to absorb the nutrients and oxygen they need to survive.
  • Add Fertilizer: Applying a fertilizer intended for fall use will give your lawn a variety of nutrients it can store up for the winter season. This will provide the protection the roots need to keep from freezing and energize your lawn enough to make a full recovery when the weather warms up once again.
  • Overseed: As grass production starts to slow down, bare patches will begin to pop up. Not only does this look unappealing, it also gives weeds the chance to move in. Overseeding your lawn before winter officially starts will stimulate new grass growth in those areas and reinforce your weed control efforts.

These fall lawn care techniques will give your landscape the strength it needs to endure the winter and come back to life as spring arrives. For professional help maintaining your yard all year long, contact CELB Property Maintenance at (203) 739-0157, or visit their website for an in-depth look at their available services. 

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