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How Mathnasium's Approach Differs From the Average Math Tutors October 20, 2016

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How Mathnasium's Approach Differs From the Average Math Tutors, Woodbridge, Connecticut

With the assembly-line approach to education, many schools have adopted children who are often moved from one class to the next, whether or not they've developed a thorough understanding of the material. In other subjects, this may not be a problem, but mathematical concepts build upon one another, so even a small knowledge gap can make advancing to the next stage nearly impossible. To address this issue, Mathnasium of New Haven's instructors adopt an approach distinct from other math tutors.

What Mathnasium Is Not…

math tutorMathnasium is not focused on your student's grades or improving scores on the next test. Many tutors can teach short-term strategies that might result in brief improvements, but this approach will almost never result in long-term benefits for the student. Mathnasium is not a tutoring center in the traditional sense and promises immediate benefits.

What Mathnasium Is…

Mathnasium focuses on identifying and correcting the gaps in your child's education, helping them develop a sense of mastery over the material. Using the innovative, proven Mathnasium Method, the instructors will help your student overcome their fear of math and even develop a passion for the subject.

While this distinction may appear minute, the differences in outcome can be spectacular, with students quickly making up for any deficiencies and even jumping ahead. Sometimes, all it takes is a single session with one of the math tutors at this learning center for children to rediscover their enthusiasm for learning.

Mathnasium of New Haven's experienced, dedicated math tutors have the expertise and evidence-based approach to help almost any child overcome challenges with math. Each of their tutors is committed to creating a supporting learning environment that equips students to enjoy the beauty of math and a path to success. Visit the website to learn more about the proven educational method, or call (203) 298-4158 to schedule a visit to the center. 

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