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5 Boat Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Put Off October 17, 2016

Aki Ahupua`a, Lahaina
5 Boat Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Put Off, Lahaina, Hawaii

Boating can provide great thrills and unbeatable leisure, but just like a car, these vehicles need routine maintenance to stay in good shape. To maximize the life and performance of your boat, Central Pacific Marine recommends sticking to routine boat maintenance practices.

According to this boat service provider in Lahaina, HI, following these five tips can not only help you avoid costly boat repairs, but also give you a better appreciation of how your vessel works:

  • boat-repair-Lahaina-HIWash After Every Use: Washing your boat isn’t just a way to make it look pretty—it can protect your boat’s surface and prevent corrosion. This is especially important after taking your boat out to sea, as salt residue can stick and cause damage. For ultimate care, only use fresh water and cleaning products specifically designed to preserve the finish of your boat.
  • Flush The Motor: Flushing your boat’s inboard or outboard motor only takes about 15 minutes and should be done after every trip on the water. This process helps rid the system of salt, sand, and other debris that can corrode the engine or cause cooling blockages that are responsible for overheating—and expensive boat repairs.
  • Check The Battery: Before going out, ensure your boat battery has the proper fluid levels and is adequately charged for your trip. Without this check, you could be without essential power on the water. This can quickly become dangerous, especially if you have to use your bilge pump to avoid sinking. After going out, clean the battery, as dirt and moisture can drain its power.
  • boat-maintenance-Maui-HIInspect The Propeller: If you have an outboard motor, it’s important to always check the propeller before going out on the water. This is done by removing the propeller and inspecting for signs of damage such as dents, which can cause significant power loss and a drop in fuel efficiency. It’s also a good idea to lubricate the mechanics by placing waterproof grease on the propeller shaft and tightly securing the propeller nut with a socket wrench. If you’re a fisherman, check your propeller for fishing line after any trip—this tangle often requires repairs from a professional boat mechanic.
  • Change The Oil: Changing your boat’s motor oil doesn’t have to be done every time you take it out, but it should be done at least once a year or every 100 hours of use. The exact frequency will depend on the type of outboard or inboard motor you have. Not only will changing the oil extend the life of your engine, it will help prevent it from damage caused by dirty oil.

Proper boat maintenance also means having the best boat repair professionals on-call. Experienced with all makes and models, the team at Central Pacific Marine can assist with any type of boat service on Maui, including boat engine repair. Call (808) 661-3349 to schedule an appointment or check out their website to learn more about their services.

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