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3 Ways Putting Off Stump Removal Harms Your Yard October 24, 2016

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3 Ways Putting Off Stump Removal Harms Your Yard , Henrietta, New York

The team at Terry Tree Service knows leaving the stump behind after tree removal can have a negative, long-term impact on the surrounding landscape. Since 1938, the company has provided homeowners throughout Rochester, NY, with prompt, reliable, and affordable stump removal and tree maintenance services.

Below, the team shares three ways putting off stump removal will have a long-term, negative impact on your yard:

  • Chemical Damage: Leaving the stump in your yard can contribute to new tree growth. These tiny plants, which pop up along the bottom of the stump, are hard to remove with standard gardening tools. You might have to use chemical-based products to get rid of unwanted growth. Although these products will remove sprouts, they can make the soil too toxic for future planting. For a permanent solution to your sprout problem, call Terry Tree Service. The trained technicians will perform fast, efficient stump removal and provide useful information regarding tree health.
  • stump removalHarms Surrounding Plants: If the beautiful blooms in your garden look dry, no matter how much you water them, the left-behind stump is most likely to blame. The small trees sprouting around stumps receive their nutrients from other nearby plants, which means existing plants forgo food to help new plants grow.    
  • Attracts Bugs: Rainstorms, ice, and snow can cause the tree stump to rot and break down over time. The damp, decaying wood will attract termites, beetles, and other wood-eating pests to your yard. These unwanted insects can spread throughout your lawn and eventually find their way to your home. To prevent insect damage to your property, call Terry Tree Service. The staff will perform tree stump removal to keep unwanted insects out of your yard.

Terry Tree Service’s dedicated team has the equipment, knowledge, and industry experience to remove unwanted stumps from your lawn. Beyond stump removal, the company also provides tree trimming, pruning, and 24-hour emergency service to ensure you always have help whenever you need it.

To learn more about tree removal services in Rochester, call (585) 436-2900 to speak with a representative. You can visit Terry Tree Service online to discover the safe, environmentally friendly ways they will care for your trees. Stay in the loop on social media by liking the Facebook page for pictures, videos, tips, and other updates. 

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