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Sea Girt's Stress Relief Experts Discuss Reflexology Regulation October 20, 2016

Sea Girt, Sea Girt
Sea Girt's Stress Relief Experts Discuss Reflexology Regulation, Sea Girt, New Jersey

Although reflexology has been around for thousands of years, you may wonder whether what regulations—if any—govern this technique. The professional reflexologists at Reflexology by the Sea explain in detail whether this method of stress relief is adequately regulated in the United States. This state-of-the-art reflexology therapy facility in Sea Girt, NJ, considers this science an essential part of your holistic wellness regimen.

Here, Reflexology by the Sea offers some useful information about the status of reflexology regulations in America:

  • Regulatory Status: Even though reflexology has been around for centuries, there hasn’t been much progress in regulating this foot care technique. Instead of being recognized as a separate entity, the regimen is often grouped together with massage and pedicure services. According to Reflexology by the Sea, the absence of regulations has caused the science behind this therapy to remain under-recognized by experts and clients like.
  • ReflexologyCertification Requirements: Except Tennessee and North Dakota, states do not require reflexologists to acquire state-issued licensure. A national-level certification testing is offered by the American Reflexology Certification Board, which requires 110 credit hours in their prescribed courses. Additionally, individuals must complete 100 hours of hands-on work in addition to written and practical tests.
  • Why Reflexology Should Be Regulated: As of present, nail and massage technicians are exempt from requiring any reflexology training and certifications. This is particularly alarming because, without proper instruction and credentials, they can hit the wrong nerves and cause their clients considerable discomfort. At Reflexology by the Sea, each reflexologist is fully trained and certified in this field and can handle your foot care with perfect expertise.

Reflexology by the Sea emphasizes the need for regulating reflexology, so it can become recognized as a legitimate relaxation technique. Schedule an appointment for this exceptional reflexology therapy by calling (732) 266-7734. Visit their website to learn in detail about the history and benefits of reflexology.

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