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5 Ways Hearing Loss Treatment Can Improve Your Quality of Life October 19, 2016

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5 Ways Hearing Loss Treatment Can Improve Your Quality of Life, Jamestown, New York

Hearing loss is not a simple health issue; it can severely affect your quality of life. Reduced hearing acuity is linked to poor brain function and difficulty communicating with others, which can lead to social withdrawal and depression.

If you’re based in Jamestown, NY, Valu Hearing Service can conduct a hearing test to help you diagnose the severity of your hearing impairment. For over 43 years, they’ve been providing counseling and the repair and maintenance of hearing devices.

The experts offer five ways that hearing loss treatment can improve your quality of life:

  • Increased Self-Esteem: Treated hearing loss leads to a more positive outlook on life for many people. It allows someone to communicate better with others rather than withdraw from social interactions. It can also prevent the psychological effects of isolation and anxiety.

  • Preserves Cognitive Function: Hearing keeps the brain stay healthy and agile by stimulating the cerebrum with sound. Research shows that depriving the brain of audial signals can cause a decline in cognitive function and, in some cases, lead to mental illness like dementia.

  • Increases Alertness: Both children and adults with untreated hearing loss have decreased awareness of their surroundings, which may cause serious accidents, especially in high traffic areas. With the help of hearing aids, their mental focus can improve significantly.

  • Enhanced Work Performance: Work relationships are usually maintained through phone or face-to-face communication. Because treated hearing loss improves communication skills, it also enables an individual to enhance their work performance.

  • hearing lossImproves Personal Relationships: Hearing loss may also affect bonds with loved ones. A person suffering from hearing loss may find themselves excluded from conversations and social gatherings with family and friends. With proper treatment, it’s possible to restore personal connections by keeping communication channels open.

The health of your hearing should not be ignored. If you notice the sounds in your environment have become dampened or muffled, get help. Visit Valu Hearing Service for a consultation or call them at (716) 484-7777. You may also view their website for more details on their services  

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