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Kayaking Hawaii? Keep These 5 Life Jacket Safety Tips in Mind October 20, 2016

Diamond Head - Kapahulu - St. Louis, Honolulu
Kayaking Hawaii? Keep These 5 Life Jacket Safety Tips in Mind , Honolulu, Hawaii

When you’re kayaking Hawaii, it’s easy for every care and concern to slip away. As the leading kayak rental company of Honolulu and Aiea, Go Bananas Watersports reminds every adventurer that safety should never be put on the back burner. That’s why they always include life jackets—or personal flotation devices—in their kayak rental service.

No matter what your level of expertise or how safe a waterway may seem, it is always necessary to wear a life jacket. In fact, it is against state law to go without a life jacket when you are boating, stand-up paddle boarding, or kayaking around Hawaii. To help you get the most out of this essential safety device, follow these few tips:

  • Look For U.S. Coast Guard Approval: The U.S. Coast Guard endorses life jackets that comply with current federal law and regulations. If a life jacket is missing this approval, it may be unsafe to wear.
  • Choose The Right One: There are five main types of life jackets, and each one is specifically designed for a certain activity. If you’re stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking Hawaii, type III devices are popular for their increased range of mobility. If you’re boating alone, racing, or kayaking in stormy weather, type I devices are best—they can help turn people face-up if they are unconscious in the water.
  • kayaking HawaiiTry It On: A life jacket that doesn’t fit properly may fall off in the water, cause discomfort, or even harm you. If you’re new to kayaking, turn to Go Bananas Watersports to find the perfect fit before you set out.  
  • Wear It Right, Every Time: Simply having a life jacket on your vessel isn’t enough to help save your life, and it certainly doesn’t comply with federal law. Always make sure your life jacket is on and properly positioned when you are kayaking Hawaii. Also, check that all the buckles and belts are adjusted to offer you maximum protection should you go overboard.
  • Replace Damaged Devices: If you’re a regular kayaker, chances are you’ve used the same life jacket over and over again. While there are many quality devices designed to last, rips and broken buckles will eventually arise. To ensure optimal protection on the water, discard and replace any damaged life jackets in your possession.

In addition to budget-friendly kayak rental rates, Go Bananas Watersports offers affordable kayak accessories and life jackets to enhance your experience. If you’re looking for something specific, call the store at (808) 737-9514 (Honolulu) or (808) 487-3400 (Aiea) to place an order. You can also visit the website to browse available products and services.

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