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4 Steps to Stay Sufficiently Warm This Winter With DOWNLITE Comforters October 19, 2016

Mason, Warren
4 Steps to Stay Sufficiently Warm This Winter With DOWNLITE Comforters , Mason, Ohio

With colder weather just around the corner, it’s important to properly layer your bed. For all of your comforter and bedding needs, browse through the online selection available through DOWNLITE. With a wide assortment of pillows, sheets, and other high-quality products, these professionals will provide everything you need to stay warm this winter.

When layering a bed, you could just toss several blankets on the mattress, but then you’d risk overheating in the middle of the night and waking yourself up. There’s also the chance that you haven’t added enough bedding, which could result in shivering yourself awake. Make sure you’re comfortable this winter by talking with the professionals from DOWNLITE. 

To determine which comforters and other bedding material to purchase from DOWNLITE, here are the four steps you should follow for a properly layered bed:

  • down pillowStart With The Sheets: The added warmth of flannel sheets is a bonus in the winter, but some can’t stand the way the fabric feels on their skin and prefer to stick with regular bed sheets. Whatever you choose, it’s good to start with a thinner layer on the bottom so you don’t overheat.
  • Purchase A Down Comforter: Now you need something to contain your body heat. This is where a down comforter from DOWNLITE will be beneficial, as it provides a thicker layer that will keep you warm all night long.
  • down comforterPlace A Quilt On Top: There’s no need to add another thick layer to the bed once the comforter is on. Professionals often suggest adding a sturdy quilt in that it adds a spot of color and provides an additional layer if your spouse is feeling extra cold at night.
  • Top It All Off With A Blanket: Most people enjoy having something soft to snuggle while they sleep at night, and a fuzzy blanket is just the thing! This can be nicely folded at the end of the bed as an extra layer and will offer a cozy texture for those cold winter nights.

Add some soft down pillows to complete your perfectly layered bed. If you have any questions about the products DOWNLITE has to offer, call (866) 931-3696. One of their friendly customer service representatives will be happy to take your call. Visit their website, Facebook, or Twitter for additional information.