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Moving This Fall or Winter? Here Are 3 Cold Weather Moving Tips October 19, 2016

Sayler Park, Cincinnati
Moving This Fall or Winter? Here Are 3 Cold Weather Moving Tips, Cincinnati, Ohio

When it comes to moving, planning is crucial. In fact, many people opt to move during the colder months since it’s sometimes easier to get a better deal on a new home or apartment. At Wayne And Family Moving in Cincinnati, OH, they specialize in offering moving assistance no matter the season.

If you’re planning a move this fall or winter, here are three cold weather moving tips from the expert team at Wayne And Family Moving:

  • moving tipsWatch The Weather Forecast: Fall and winter weather can be unpredictable. When moving during a colder season, keep a watchful eye on the weather forecast. If you notice a winter storm approaching, you may need to reschedule your move to avoid injuries or accidents. Map out your moving route as well and take roads you know will be plowed and free of ice and debris. 
  • Board Your Pets: Pets can be a heavy burden on moving day. They have a tendency to get in the way or may be at risk of getting out as you leave doors open to transport boxes and furniture. This becomes especially hazardous in cold, inclement weather. To avoid unnecessary stress, board your pet on moving day or have a friend pet sit.
  • Don’t Pack Away Winter Supplies: When you’re in the process of packing up, don’t make the mistake of throwing any essential winter supplies like shovels, gloves, ice scrapers, and melting salt in some kind of mystery box. Instead, keep these items handy so you can access them in a pinch!

If you’re located in the Greater Cincinnati area and in need of moving help, call the professionals at Wayne And Family Moving at (513) 542-5436 to speak with a member of their team. For more information on their services and additional moving tips, visit their website or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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