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6 Insider Tips for a Fast Cable Internet Connection October 12, 2016

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6 Insider Tips for a Fast Cable Internet Connection , Lavonia, Georgia

High-speed internet access has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Consumers want faster browsing, quick downloads and uploads, and uninterrupted video streaming. The speed you have now may depend on your cable company subscription, your computer’s performance, and whether you’re connected to a wired or wireless network.

If your cable internet connection is slow, there are ways to improve it. Most importantly, however, is to make sure your internet service provider is reliable. Fortunately, residents of Chester, SC, can rely on TruVista for fast, affordable cable internet service.

Below are six tips from their experts on how to speed up your cable internet connection:

  • Use 100% Bandwidth: In a computer system, a QoS packet scheduler reserves 20% of bandwidth for updates and ERP applications. If you set the limit to zero, it will boost your internet speed. Follow the steps here.
  • PC Maintenance: All programs you download or install may leave unnecessary registry fragments that can slow down your computer. Maximize your internet speed by cleaning your PC or laptop of malicious and unused software.
  • Use The Right Browser: Use internet-browsersa browser that works best for your connection type and hardware configuration. For instance, if your computer is low on memory, use Chrome. Firefox and Internet Explorer tend to use more RAM.
  • Set Up A Password: If you’re operating on a wireless connection, make sure to prevent unauthorized access. Otherwise, other users may be able to connect to your network and use up your internet bandwidth.
  • Clear Browsing Cache: Cache is where your browser temporarily stores web page information. If data accumulates, it may affect your internet speed. Try emptying your cache, cookies, plug-in data, and saved passwords.
  • Talk To Your ISP: You can do a speed test beforehand to check if the service you’re paying for is being delivered. Otherwise, talk to your Internet Service Provider about other options that may increase your speed.

When you need cable internet at breakneck speeds, TruVista offers excellent packages to both residential and commercial customers throughout South Carolina and Georgia. Call (803) 385-2191, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

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