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3 Ways to Start the Funeral Pre-Planning Conversation October 14, 2016

3 Ways to Start the Funeral Pre-Planning Conversation, Blue Ash, Ohio

Talking about funeral pre-planning can be an uncomfortable conversation—after all, thinking about death and loss isn’t pleasant. But whether you’re considering your own funeral or want to speak to a loved one about theirs, having the difficult conversation in advance can be important to make sure the funeral itself is a little less overwhelming and that it goes according to your and your loved ones’ preferences. If you’re unsure of how to broach the topic, the staff at the family-owned Clepper Funeral Home, with locations throughout Cincinnati, OH, can help.

Here are their three tips for starting the funeral pre-planning conversation:

  • Schedule It In Advance: Timing plays a big role in the success of the funeral pre-planning conversation. Do your best not to spring the talk onto your loved ones; they may not be in a state of mind to speak about it and you may turn them off to the conversation even more. Instead, ask your loved ones to let you know a specific day and time that work for them, and schedule the conversation in your calendar like you would an appointment. This gives both parties a bit of time to mentally prepare for the talk.funeral pre-planning
  • Keep Communication Styles In Mind: Know how you and your loved ones interact so they can receive your words the way you intend. Think about what kinds of communication strategies have worked in past talks you may have with them. If asking them many questions is too overwhelming, avoid doing so right away, and ease your way in. If you know humor resonates with them, you may even try referencing a funny movie about funerals or death to make the conversation seem less daunting.
  • Be Clear About Your Intentions: Be up front about why you’re talking about funeral pre-planning. Some might take it as an unnecessary, premature conversation, and bristle at the idea you’re thinking about their death (or your own). At the outset of the conversation, state your intentions, such as ensuring your loved one gets the funeral they deserve or wanting to make funeral arrangements easier on those planning them. Understanding why the conversation is being had may make everyone more willing to participate.

For the best funeral planning resources in the Cincinnati area, whether you’re making arrangements ahead of time or because of a recent death, turn to Clepper Funeral Home. They offer personalized funeral services that will make sure the life of the deceased is honored and celebrated the way they would have wanted. For more information or to speak to a staff member, call them today at (513)-731-1994 or visit their website.

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