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Leaf Blowers & More: 3 Essential Tools for Keeping Leaves Off Your Lawn & Driveway October 13, 2016

Monroe, Fairfield County
Leaf Blowers & More: 3 Essential Tools for Keeping Leaves Off Your Lawn & Driveway, Monroe, Connecticut

Now that autumn has arrived in Monroe, CT, it means the bronze and auburn-hued leaves of the season will be falling gently from the trees to accumulate on your lawn or driveway. The time-honored solution for this leaf overload is raking, but this can quickly get exhausting, especially if you have lots of mature trees on your property. 

Fortunately, there are more effective alternatives to consider. L & R Power Equipment sells leaf blowers and other useful outdoor power tools. They say the tools listed below are your best bets for keeping leaves at bay this fall.


  • Leaf Blower: A leaf blower is a godsend if you're currently struggling with leaf management. Blowers are useful, but they're not all cut from the same cloth. It's important to choose one powerful enough to get the leaves moving in a hurry. Leaf blowers can get quite noisy, so remember to wear ear protection.
  • Tarp: Blowers are ideal for hustling leaves over short distances, but if you'd like to travel further, it's best to put your leaves in a tarp to transfer them easily. Use a blower to situate the leaves on the tarp, and then use the tarp to move the leaves to their final destination. 
  • Vacuum Kit: It can cost a bit more, but a vacuum kit is even more efficient than a tarp when it comes to leaf removal. These kits are attached to your leaf blower and turn it into a vacuum with a bag that collects the leaves. Once you're all done, you can simply remove the bag and dispose of the leaves. 

Purchase affordable vacuum kits, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and more at L & R Power Equipment. Call (203) 268-8400 to speak with a representative in Monroe, or explore their website to take a look at their wide range of products. 

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