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3 Pet Accessories That Will Make Your Furry Friend Stand Out October 13, 2016

Washington Heights, Manhattan
3 Pet Accessories That Will Make Your Furry Friend Stand Out, Manhattan, New York

Regular dog grooming doesn’t have to be the sole way you spoil your pet. There are also numerous pet accessories you can choose to have them stand apart from the other animals on the block. Plus, accessories don’t have to be completely about style; they can also be functional. When you visit Pet Fashion and Grooming in New York City, you can find all sorts of practical and fun accessories.

3 Pet Accessories Your Furry Friend Can Wear To Stand Out

1. Collar

Your pet shouldn’t go outside the house without wearing their collar. However, that doesn’t mean they have to wear just any plain-Jane collar. From personalized name collars to ones designed to match a stylish bracelet worn by their owners, there are plenty of unique choices you can decide from to match your pet’s personality.

2. IDspet-accessories-nyc

Just as important as the collar is the ID tag. This little piece of metal will let strangers know who your pet is and who they belong to in the event they get lost. You can purchase individual ID tags in all colors, shapes, and font choices. If you want, you could even put a picture of you and your pet on one side of the tag with their info on the back.

3. Raincoat

It’s important for dogs to get walked every day, no matter the weather conditions outside. This means there are going to be some days where your pup will have to take a walk in the rain. You will probably spend this time either under an umbrella or raincoat; so, why shouldn’t they get the same privilege? If you don’t want to come back to your home and experience a wet dog smell, look into raincoats for your pup’s specific size. Out of all the dog fashion accessories you purchase, it will quickly become one of your favorites.

If you want to find more great pet accessories for your dog or cat, stop by Pet Fashion and Grooming in New York today. You can also call them at (347) 726-9409 or visit them online to learn more about their services and see some of the other pet supplies they carry.

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