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3 Reasons Cesspools & Septic Tanks Overflow or Fill Up Quickly October 24, 2016

North Shore, Waialua
3 Reasons Cesspools & Septic Tanks Overflow or Fill Up Quickly, Waialua, Hawaii

It’s incredibly inconvenient when you experience issues with your home’s septic system, especially if your cesspool or septic tank fills up too quickly. According to the septic system and cesspool pumping experts at Gecko Enterprises, there are many contributing factors when they can’t keep up with capacity, and this problem is quite common. In fact, it’s something the Oahu, Hawaii-based local business tackles all the time.

But what causes the septic tank or cesspool to overflow or fill up so soon after it’s emptied? There are three primary reasons:

  • Flow From The Wrong Places: In many cases, a cesspool or septic tank might fill up quicker than usual because water from the lawn and property is flowing into it. Drainage from gutters or drainpipes should not be combining with your home’s wastewater as this can lead to numerous blockage and overfilling issues. It’s worthwhile to keep an eye on where water is flowing when it’s raining.cesspool
  • Leaks: While you may think leaks in the system would do the opposite, sometimes these can let run-off and other water into the cesspool or tank. In addition to overflow, you might see an increased need for cleaning as mud and dirt get into tanks and cesspools. If your yard underwent a recent construction or huge landscape project, there’s a chance this kind of damage occurred.
  • Capacity Problems: Another common reason the tank or pool is filling up quicker or overflowing is because of the system taking on more than it can handle. Remember that all of your home’s water ends up in the system, and you should account for about 50 gallons of usage per day for each person. You may want to ensure your tank is the right size for your family, and try to spread out water consuming tasks, like laundry, over the course of several days.

The team at Gecko Enterprises can help if you end up with a fast filling septic system. With a commitment to providing nothing but the most exceptional service, these are the professionals to trust. You can learn more by visiting the website, liking them on Facebook, or calling (808) 637-3240. 

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