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Top 3 Driving Tips for New Drivers October 11, 2016

Beechwood, Rochester
Top 3 Driving Tips for New Drivers, Rochester, New York

If you’re getting ready to take the wheel, Morgan School of Driving in New York wants to welcome you to the open road. But before you buckle up and turn on the ignition, their driving instructors want to provide some basic tips that could save your life as you learn how to navigate the uncharted territory ahead. Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or country, take a minute to review some of the basics taught in driving school.

Here’s how to stay safe as a first-time driver:

  • driving-school-Fairport-NYNever Take Your Eyes Off The Road: One of the most difficult things to explain to new drivers is that anything can happen in a matter of seconds while driving on the road. To avoid accidents and protect your life, always keep your eyes on the street ahead of you.
  • Always Double Check Everything: While this might seem like overkill, it’s crucial to do everything you can to ensure every move and decision you make is safe. Look twice in both directions before turning, check that your lights are on in the evening, and look behind you when backing up.
  • Turn The Stereo Down While Driving: Some people might recommend not using your car’s radio at all, but the driving instructors at Morgan School of Driving understand how excited you are to have your own automobile. As a compromise, keep your stereo low while behind the wheel, and save the singalongs and head-banging for when you’re parked in your driveway.

The most important part of driving is staying aware of your surroundings and thinking about the safety of the passengers inside your vehicle. To take a driving course or prepare for your road test with Morgan School of Driving, call (585) 425-2410 for their Fairport location; (585) 282-6290 for their Rochester office; or (585) 227-9010 for their Greece location. You can also visit them online today.

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