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Laser Hair Removal: Get Rid of Unwanted Hair for Good February 22, 2018

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Laser Hair Removal: Get Rid of Unwanted Hair for Good, Lincoln, Nebraska

Laser technology is a safe, effective way to remove unwanted hair.  A laser pulse can selectively target dark, course hairs by beaming highly concentrated light into hair follicles.  Pigment in the follicles absorb the light destroying the hair while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.  Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time.  By eliminating hair at the root, instead of treating just the surface like shaving and waxing, you can permanently stop the follicle from growing any new hair.  

In Lincoln, NE, residents put their trust in Christine A. Trombino, PA-C, when they want to remove unsightly facial and body hair.  Many factors affect the results of laser hair removal such as skin type, hair color and type, and location.  Laser hair removal does require multiple treatments, but it is not as expensive as you might think.  Cost is dependent on the size of the area to be treated and the density of the hair.  Christine offers free consultations to ensure you are a good candidate for treatment.

Pre-Treatment Instructions:

  • The area to be treated must be shaved.  Areas of thicker growth should be clean shaven.
  • Do not bleach, pluck, or wax the hair at least 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Do not tan at last 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Avoid using creams containing retinol, tretinoin, glycolic acid, etc. for 3 days prior to treatment.
  • Update the provider on any medication changes prior to treatment.  Some medications can increase the risk of side effects.

Post-Treatment Care:

  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning equipment.  This can greatly increase the risks of side effects.
  • Do not use harsh cleansers or exfoliants.  Gentle, non-fragranced cleansers and moisturizers are recommended.
  • Use cool compresses and hydrocortisone creams 1% over the counter to alieve discomfort for any redness or swelling.
  • Don’t rub or scratch treated areas.  Instead, use clean, soft cloths for blotting and apply a gentle moisturizer if needed.By following these tips, you’ll ensure lasting results. 

For nearly 30 years, Gateway Dermatology PC has provided residents with effective laser hair removal treatments, giving patients beautifully smooth skin. To schedule an appointment, call (402) 467-4361 or visit them online.

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