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4 Different Types of Steel From Louisville’s Best Stainless Steel Distributor October 25, 2016

Okolona, Central Jefferson
4 Different Types of Steel From Louisville’s Best Stainless Steel Distributor, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

Whether you are new to construction or are embarking on an ambitious project, you may need to know more about the different types of steel available. All steel is made of carbon and iron, but the carbon content and other alloys used in the creation of the steel determine the properties of each grade. American Metal Supply Co., a stainless steel distributor and metal supplier in Louisville, KY, has worked with building and construction metals since 1986.

Here, they help you understand the four broad categories of steel and their purposes:

  • Carbon Steels: Carbon steels contain only trace amounts of other alloying elements. Carbon steels account for nearly 90% of all steel production and can be sub-categorized based on carbon content. Mild carbon steels, also known as wrought iron, contain about 0.3% carbon and are often used for fencing. Medium carbon steel is used as a structural steel in buildings and bridge, and contains 0.3 to 0.6% carbon. High carbon steels contain more than 0.6% steel and are used for springs and steel wires. Ultra-high carbon steels, known as cast iron, contain up to 2% carbon and are used for culinary tools such as pots and pans.
  • stainless steelAlloy Steels: Alloy steels contain the alloying elements magnesium, silicon, chromium, aluminum, copper, nickel, and titanium in different proportions. The varying amounts of alloying elements affect the steel’s properties, including strength, ductility, corrosion, and more. Alloy steels are used in the production of auto parts, electric motors, generators, transformers, and pipelines.
  • Stainless Steels: Stainless steels contain 10 to 20% chromium as the main alloying element and are known for their high corrosion resistance. Stainless steels are used for a variety of purposes including jewelry, piping, kitchen utensils, cutting tools, and surgical equipment. Your stainless steel distributor can determine the amount of chromium used and how it affects the properties of the metal.
  • Tool Steels: Tool steels contain varying amounts of tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, and vanadium. These alloying elements increase the heat resistance and durability of the tool steel, making it ideal for cutting or drilling equipment.

If you are looking for a stainless steel distributor or metal supplier in the Louisville area, look no further than American Metal Supply Co. Their company boasts 30 years of experience, and their newly revamped website is easier than ever to navigate. Call (502) 634-4321 today for more information.

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