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5 Trial Preparation Tips From a Criminal Defense Attorney October 11, 2016

Platteville, Grant
5 Trial Preparation Tips From a Criminal Defense Attorney, Platteville, Wisconsin

When you’re charged with a crime, you face the possibility of a trial. Most people don’t have much experience dealing with courtrooms or law proceedings, so it’s invaluable to have the help of an attorney. The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Scott & Heenan LLC in Platteville, WI, will help you prepare for trial and guide you through the legal process.

They offer advice for defendants preparing to stand trial:

5 Tips From An Attorney For Trial Preparation

Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

Secure the services of an attorney with court experience in the area that’s the site of your trial. Your lawyer will take care of most of the planning and preparation for your defense. You must be honest with your attorney and follow their advice.

Don’t Talk About Your Case

Avoid discussing your case with anyone before the trial, even family members. Do not mention the case or police on social media platforms, as any online statements can be used against you at your trial. Consider deactivating your social media accounts at least temporarily.

Be On Your Best Behavior

Obey all court orders and display good behavior, especially in public. You do not want to invite more trouble, no matter how minor, before trial.

Dress Appropriately

Platteville-WI-attorneyYou should look clean and tidy during all court appearances and wear reasonably formal attire, if possible. However, it could work to your disadvantage to wear anything that makes you act as if you are uncomfortable. Remove unusual piercings and cover tattoos, because they could prejudice some jurors against you.

Practice Your Courtroom Demeanor

Your criminal defense attorney will help you decide whether it’s in your best interest to testify at your trial. If you choose to do so, they will provide coaching for your behavior on the witness stand. Follow your attorney’s advice regarding your behavior in court, even if you elect not to testify.

The best advice for anyone facing criminal law proceedings is to listen to your attorney. For expert criminal defense services in Grant County, WI, trust Scott & Heenan LLC. Visit their website to find out more about their skilled attorneys and their practice areas, and call (608) 348-9506 to schedule an appointment.

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