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​What Differentiates PRS From Other Doctor Services? August 15, 2014

Florida Center, Southwest Orange
​What Differentiates PRS From Other Doctor Services?, Southwest Orange, Florida

History: Years ago, the doctor came to the patient on a “house call”, which provided quality of care that is hard to find today. Formerly “Florida Hospital Centra Care In-Room Medical Service”, our unique doctor house-call service was acquired, restructured, and renamed “Physician Room Service”, providing more efficient patient-focused service excellence. Physician Room Service combines the perfect blend of traditional quality with modern convenience. We bring the doctor to you, with a more efficient solution to your medical problem, where you are.

Trusted Reputation: Physician Room Service is approved and contracted with major Orlando Florida tourist area resorts, and is recommended and preferred by the largest hospital and urgent care system in the area.

Quality assured, doctor direct, and dependable: Physician Room Service provides caring American-educated, Florida-licensed, credentialed, adult and pediatric trained medical doctors (MD’s, not nurses or assistants) who serve visitors from all over the world with common non-emergency medical problems. Physician Room Service allows patients direct communication with our actual doctors. We do not use non-medical phone staff, trained to “sell” the appointment, take your credit card information insecurely on the phone, then call around to try to find a doctor who may or may not be qualified or available when promised.

Convenient service: Guests can get well soon, right in their rooms, and let our Physician Room Service doctors come to them. Common tests and medications can be brought to patients, avoiding unnecessary hassles of locating and traveling to a hospital or clinic in an unfamiliar area, without wasting time in stressful traffic or crowded waiting rooms.

Affordable value and secure payment: Physician Room Service offers simple, straightforward pricing, and accepts credit/debit cards and cash during the visit. Receipts and forms, coded and designed for insurance reimbursement, are also provided during the visit. Our secure, encrypted, wireless credit card terminals allow you to swipe your card securely, keeping your card information safe for your eyes (and ears) only. Some insurance companies will reimburse, some will not (depending on your policy wording), but with Physician Room Service you know exactly the amount you pay, so you don’t have to worry about being charged any more than that, and you may even get it all back (depending on your policy). Be careful with other services that avoid quoting you an upfront price, and saying they “start at” a lower amount, but don’t tell you that you’ll end up being charged a lot more than that. Even worse, some will take your credit card information in an insecure manner, or on the phone (before even trying to find a doctor) for “pre-approval” or “authorization”, or just to “secure” or “hold” your card information, or to “bill” your insurance (or travel insurance) company an outrageous amount which is so high that it is not likely to be allowed or covered...then, after a few weeks or so, when the insurance company denies the exorbitant amount, your credit card gets the hit for the difference. We don’t do that.