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NYC's Best Jewelry Manufacturer Describes 6 Different Gemstone Setting Techniques October 27, 2016

Garment District, Manhattan
NYC's Best Jewelry Manufacturer Describes 6 Different Gemstone Setting Techniques, Manhattan, New York

The beauty of any piece of jewelry lies in the details. That’s why it’s important to work with a jewelry manufacturer who will create an item that perfectly mirrors your vision. With nearly four decades of experience in the industry, the specialists at Frank Billanti Casting Company, in New York City have always offered their clients this kind of personalized attention. As experts in jewelry assembly and jewelry casting, they specifically provide customers with a wide range of setting options for gemstones to ensure they get the exact results they’re looking for.

When you work with this jewelry manufacturer, you can set your gemstone with any of the following methods:

  • Prong: Very often seen on engagement rings, this setting method involves three or more pieces of metal which hold the gemstone in place slightly above the actual ring.
  • Jewelry ManufacturerBurnish: Also referred to as flush setting, when a jewelry manufacturer applies this technique, the gemstone is partially encased in the band of the ring itself.
  • Channel: A channel setting allows gemstones to rest against one another in small columns or channels that have been carved into the ring.
  • Pave: To create a pave setting, the designer drills small holes into the ring where smaller diamonds can be placed so closely together that the prong is barely noticeable, giving off a consistent sparkle.
  • Semi-Bezel: Instead of prongs supporting the gemstone, a circular strip of metal holds it in place on two sides.
  • Full Bezel: The full bezel setting is just like the semi-bezel except that the strip of metal circles the entire gemstone.

Whatever type of setting your design is based on, the jewelry assembly experts at Frank Billanti Casting Company in New York City will make your vision come to life. Contact them online for more info, or call (212) 221-0440.

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