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3 Easy Exercises to Ease Heel Pain October 12, 2016

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3 Easy Exercises to Ease Heel Pain, Blue Ash, Ohio

Whether you’ve suffered an ankle sprain or have a bone-related injury, heel pain can be an inconvenience to live with, compromising both your mobility and comfort. While your recovery time depends on your condition, there are various exercises you can do to help the process along. At Foot & Ankle Specialists in Blue Ash, OH, the team of foot care experts has a few exercises that alleviate heel pain.

Here are three easy exercises you can do at home to remedy heel pain:

  • heel painFreeze & Roll: Freeze a small bottle of water, then place it under your foot, covering it with a small towel so that the cold isn’t too harsh on your sole. Roll the bottle gently and slowly from the ball to the heel of your foot for a minute. The rolling motion stretches the plantar fascia ligament to restore it to its normal range of motion and provide some relief from the pain. The cold from the frozen bottle reduces inflammation that normally occurs when the ligament is injured.
  • The Pebble Exercise: Sit upright in a chair with a mug on the floor several inches away from your feet on one side and a handful of marbles or pebbles a few inches away on the other side. Pick up the pebbles or marbles one at a time with your toes, and drop them into the mug. Repeat the exercise for five or ten minutes a few times a week. Using the small muscles in your toes to grip the pebbles can help strengthen your feet and alleviate the pain caused by overly stretched ligaments.
  • Self-Massaging: In this exercise, all you need are your thumbs. Press along the bottom of your feet and legs, working all the way from the heel and arch of your foot to your calves. Do the exercise for one minute on one leg before doing the same on the other leg. The simple act of massaging can go a long way towards relieving heel pain.

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